"That is my other brother."

Translation:Sin mo bhràthair eile.

June 28, 2020

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Should it not be Tha sin mo bhráthair eile?


No, it should not. that is… has two different translations, using two different verbs, into Gaelic: tha sin… uses the substantive verb and is used to describe things and their whereabouts (but not to define, state what or who sth or sb is), or is e sin… using the copula (often shortened, as here, to just sin…).

They are not interchangeable. I have described the difference between them in several discussions already, so I’ll just refer you to two of them: Tha sin dona and It is another sandwich. :)


Is there any reason why "is e sin mo bhràthair eile" isn't accepted? I understand it's often shortened, but surely is still grammatically correct?


I think the contributors just didn’t anticipate the full answer. Perhaps it’s worth reporting as a missing translation – but there are a lot of the sin… and seo… sentences in the course that all use the short form and I don’t think they accept the long one, so even if the contributors decided to accept it, it’d take a long time before the alternative form would be added to all of them.

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