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"L'exposition est recommandée par ce magazine."

Translation:The exhibit is recommended by this magazine.

June 28, 2020



In English an exhibit is a single piece in a exhibition. This should be translated as 'The exhibition is recommended by this magazine'.


"The exhibition is recommended by this magazine" was accepted. I learned British English at school and I wouldn't treat "exhibit" and "exhibition" as synonyms. Is there a difference in usage of exhibit/exhibition in American and British English?


Yes, it seems there's a difference. In American galleries, an "exhibit" is an arrangement of a number of works, not a single work. But "exhibition" should be accepted, too.
Timor mortis conturbat me.


I've been to many museums in English-speaking countries and found that an "exhibit" is usually a single piece in an "exhibition". It is sometimes used more casually as a synonym but not that often.


I would say that in American English, an exhibit is something larger than an exhibition. An exhibition can contain multiple exhibits. However, if "exhibition" is not an acceptable English translation for "exhibition" in French, then what would be a correct French word for the English "exhibition" as opposed to "exhibit"? (Whew)


"Exposition" isn't a word in both French and English? I tried "The exposition is recommended by this magazine" and it said I'm wrong.


It is a word and they mean the same thing. I hope you reported it "My answer should have been accepted."


Not at all. Give me some examples where the word is used in such a way in English.


Anything called an 'expo' is an abbreviation of this, for example.


Agree that 'exhibit' means a single piece on show which is part of 'an exhibition'.


I tried 'was recommended', (est recommandée) which seems like an acceptable alternative but rejected, what have I misunderstood? Thanks.


"was recommended", the passe compose, is "a recommandé(e)" in French, as recommender is not one of the verbs that uses etre instead of avoir for the past tense.

So here recommandée is an adverb and the meaning of "est recommandée" is "is recommended".


What is the French word for "exhibition"?


"L'exposition" as shown above.


As above should be exhibition

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