June 28, 2020



I have no idea what this is, except after the fact i realize it's a capital i, and it did not look exactly like that, more like an exclamation point ! So if there is something you can do to make it clear what letter it is, that would be very, very helpful.


I had the same problem. It would help a lot if it were put between quotation marks like right here above. In the exercise itself it doesn't have them.


What's the difference between minä, mä and mye?


Minä is the standard form for I.

is a colloquial form.

Mye I've never heard, perhaps that's a misspelling? Mie is another colloquial form for minä. Myö is a colloquial form for me.

Colloquial forms are not accepted in DL.


What is an exclamation mark. Did not recognize that as I. Again the answer was given.

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