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  5. "Mämmi on makeaa."

"Mämmi on makeaa."

Translation:The mämmi is sweet.

June 29, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Mämmi is certainly not sweet, that's why fins often load it with sugar. Some of these references are so mis represented its almost offensive


    Yes, it is. Which is why some Finns eat it without sugar. Like me. But the sweetness is the "imelä" kind, not the soft, sugary sweetness most people associate with "makea". But it is irrelevant, because they are talking about mämmi which is sweet. Duolingo isn't supposed to be a forum to discuss the appreciated sweetness of foods, but to learn to say things in different languages. They could just as well say "kala on makeaa".


    I'd argue that you very much should discuss different cultural aspects of a language and the people who use said language on a daily basis as it can give a better understanding of the words and phrases we learn.


    After adding sugar, would you say the mämmi is sweet, or is that incorrect?


    Maybe sweetish. On its own it's not particularly sweet, rather a bit tart, maybe? So, if one wants it to be really sweet, they must add a lot of sugar, vanilla sauce etc. in it (or use other sweeteners).


    Why "makeaa"? Why not only "makea"?


    "Makea" is in nominative case.


    Is there a good way to tell whether you should use the nominative or partitive case?


    If it's a single countable thing, nominative case can be used.


    This is interesting cos "mage" in Estonian means bland or tasteless.


    "Mammi is sweet" should not be marked as wrong.


    "Mämmi is sweet" was just accepted for me.


    Btw having lived in Finland 5 years, i can tell you Mammi clealry is NOT sweet!


    Btw having lived in Finland 5 years, I can tell you Mämmi certainly is NOT sweet!

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