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  5. "Tanssivatko he yhdessä?"

"Tanssivatko he yhdessä?"

Translation:Are they dancing together?

June 29, 2020



"Do they dance together?" should also be accepted.


That's what I wrote. It's accepted now.


Do I need to use "he" in a question like this?


At least omitting it would be very unidiomatic. My gut feeling is that it would also be against the official grammar.

So: Yes, you do.

It seems that you can omit "minä" ("mä"), "sinä" ("sä"), "me" and "te", but you cannot omit "hän" ("se") or "he" ("ne"). At least omitting those would sound very wrong to a Finnish ear.

But, if you are answering a question where a pronoun was mentioned, you should omit the pronoun in the answer: – Mitä Daniel ja Daniela tekevät? – Tanssivat. Also "He tanssivat" would be correct, but less idiomatic.


i dont understand... the tanssivatko doesnt appear in any form of conjugation of this verb in every site I've searched.


Typically, the -ko comes to the verb. "Tanssivatko he yhdessä" means it's just a plain question.

If you're surprised that "Oh, are THOSE the ones dancing together?!", you'd say "hekö tanssivat yhdessä", meaning that the suffix -ko is attached to the word he. Because that's what you are wondering.

Also, maybe you already know that they are both dancing in some event, but you don't know much about the event. You might be curious as to "do they do the dancing together?" And that would be: "Yhdessäkö he tanssivat?"

So, you just take the sentence "They dance together." / "He tanssivat yhdessä." Then you add the ending -ko to some word and TADAA! you have a question formed. That's how questions expecting a yes/no answer are always built in Finnish.


The endings -ko, -kin and -kaan are not conjugations, but simply suffixes that are simply glued on the word without altering it.

-ko is a question marker. Any question that expects yes or no as answer must aleays have the -ko behind some word.

In other words: it's "tanssivat" that you should be looking for.


omg, yes! i've seen this after I commented it....thank you!! i just started... seems too much for me hahahaha


Do Duo have eyes ?


Why "are they dance together " is wrong?

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