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  5. "Missä oikea teatteri on?"

"Missä oikea teatteri on?"

Translation:Where is the right theater?

June 29, 2020



This sentence feels off


I agree, it doesn't seem like an obvious context. Maybe when you have booked tickets for a show, showed up to the theater, but noticed you went to the wrong one / wrong building, and should have gone to the theater on the other side of town?


Can someone explain the difference between oikea and oikein?


Minulla on sama kysymys.


Oikea and väärä are adjectives and can be used directly with nouns:
oikea = right, correct -> oikea talo = the right house
väärä = wrong, incorrect -> väärä talo = the wrong house

Oikein and väärin are adverbs, they can be used with verbs or alone:
oikein = correct(ly)
väärin = wrong(ly)
Tämä talo on sininen. Oikein vai väärin?
- Oikein, tämä talo on sininen.
- Väärin, tämä talo on valkoinen.


"Where is the correct theater?" should also be accepted.

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