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  5. "Onko tuo salaattia?"

"Onko tuo salaattia?"

Translation:Is that lettuce?

June 29, 2020



the mouse over the word 'salaattia' only says lettuce, which is confusing ... shouldn't it give both lettuce/salad?


So lettuce and salad are the exact same word give or take the -a? Is pastasalaattia pasta made out of lettuce?


pastasalaatti is a dish (a salad), which has pasta in it. Whether there is lettuce in it or not is not known. :)


So, this is an answer that annoys me.. especially growing up around Finnish people, since "salaattia" doesn't necessarily means "lettuce" but "salad". But if they wanted to ask about the lettuce in specific should it be "Onko to lehtisalaatti?" ?


The other option could be correct, if you meant "Is that a salad?"


That would be Onko tuo salaatti?. The partitive ending -a in salaattia signals that we are talking about an undefined amount of lettuce or salad here, whereas the article "a" in your translation suggests that you are talking about one salad. You can compare it to the way the French du/de la/des work with mass nouns.

  • Tuo on salaattia. That is salad/lettuce. (C'est de la salade.)
  • Onko tuo salaattia? Is that salad/lettuce? (Est-ce de la salade ?)


Maybe they had the same question type as me:

Onko tuo ____ ?

  • salaatti
  • salaattia

Salaattia is clearly correct, but if salaatti is also OK, what good is this question?


Ah. Gotcha. I've removed the rogue exercise from the system. It may take a while for the change to be integrated in the course. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some serious facepalming to do. :)

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