"Les manches de cette veste sont trop courtes."

Translation:The sleeves of this jacket are too short.

June 29, 2020

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The male voice doesn't seem to pronounce the t in courtes. Why not?


Agreed, with neither normal nor turtle speed can you hear the 't'. Reported as an issue with the audio.


The sleeves on this jacket, would also be a natural way to say this.


I like the changed colour of text for new words. Good. That is a help. But the decorative disappearing spots gave me a fright. I thought the spots I am getting in front of my eyes had suddenly got much worse. "Floaters," as they are called, are a vision impairment for old people... we DO NOT NEED special effects that simulate the affliction when using Duolingo. Thank you.


This is unnatural in American English. The sleeves on this jacket or This jacket's sleeves are natural.


This jacket's sleeves...


Hi 'The sleeves of this jacket are very short' banged me wrong... and Duo's correction was....too short...

Pl help.... what's the difference entre very et too


"Very short" means "extremely short".

"Too short" means "not long enough". If the speaker has particularly long arms that could mean that the sleeves are not short at all.

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