"Is there broccoli in the salad?"

Translation:Est-ce qu'il y a des brocolis dans la salade ?

June 29, 2020

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Why is "du brocoli" not accepted, whereas "du chou" (as in "Est-ce qu'il y a du chou dans la salade?") is correct?


"Des brocolis" is used as a plural noun in French, like pasta (except that pasta officially is a plural noun in French, according to my dictionary).

I don't think "un broccoli" is ever used, but I think that if it was it would correspond to a single sprig of broccoli. It does NOT correspond to "une fleurette". Sitesurf likens it to grapes.


Thank you very much GraemeSarg.!


I have the same question, STRADS.

Besides, in another exercise Duo identifies "Broccoli" with "l├ęgumes verts", which surprised me, but it was impossible to enter the forum.

  • According to those cases "un broccoli" would mean "a little piece of broccoly".

  • I wonder if French has two possibilities. "Les broccolies" would be the little pieces you put on your plate, wereas "le broccoli" would be the, let's say, general concept . I now it sounds silly but..

  • Well, it could also be just a mistake


I wonder too!!!


It seems very strange to have to use the plural in this question. I suppose it's just something that is necessary in french.

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