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  5. "You are a beautiful person."

"You are a beautiful person."

Translation:Olet kaunis ihminen.

June 29, 2020



Why can't we use sina on?


You can use "Sinä olet". "On" is the third person.


So in this case you don't mean "handsome" right? Just an internal beauty


Hmm, yeah, more the inner kind.


Why doesn't it accept "Sinä olet kaunis henkilö?"


That sounds strange in Finnish. Word for word translations don't always work.

Henkilö is a common word, but something you use when you want to be impersonal and keep a great distance, in a good way: when you talk about how many people do this, when you want to retain anonymity for a person, etc. It's very formal in spirit, although it can also be used in less formal contexts.

Ihminen, on the other hand, is a human being, with the focus on that. So you will usually see ihmisiä in news reporting, for example, only if there is a reason to bring "a human touch" to the story.


So what exactly is the difference between "kaunis" and "komea"?


Based on their translations, the same difference that exists between "beautiful" and "handsome" in English.

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