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  5. "She is a wizard."

"She is a wizard."

Translation:Hän on velho.

June 29, 2020



In English, a wizard is male and a witch female. Is 'velho' gendered, or neuter as this sentence implies?


Finnish (like Estonian and Cantonese) is ungendered. You'll notice that "hän" is used for all genders as well.


Sorry to be that guy but witch and wizard arent actually gendered terms like witch pretty much means "magick practitioner" while wizard means "magick researcher" but the idea that they're gendered was spread by Harry Potter lmao


Sinä olet velho, Hermione Granger.


The word "velho" in portuguese means "old", but also "old man". So the old man is a wizard. Hmmmmm mister M


I noticed that. I think it is a false friend, a word in one language that is spelled the same as a word in another language that has a different meaning. In German, "Bach" means "brook." In Welsh, bach means "small."

HOWEVER, you can use false friends to remember what a word means.

"Velho" in your language means "old". When you see it in Finnish, you think of an old man with a pointed hat and a long beard, a wizard.


Bach was also a pianist.


Not to be pedantic, but the piano wasn't invented until quite some time after J. S. Bach. He was indeed a very skilled organist and keyboardist (harpsichord, clavichord, lauten-clavicymbel).


Told my Finnish wife that "wizard" is one of the first words you learn in the Finnish Duolingo course. She's very pleased.


What's the finnish for witch ?


You might see "noita". Occasionally "loomujatar"... And usually in the pejorative "noita-akka". I'd recommend not getting caught up in the gender binary thinking here though.


Since a child 50 yrs ago, witches are female and men are wizards. This is not a modern construct. JustinAus is correct.


Why this not important and useless word is here at the beginning


I don't think any word is unimportant or useless in any language. Don't these words, in the beginning, make language learning more enjoyable?


Yep, but only for those who believe in fairy tales. Scientist, engineer or artist would be better, in my opinion.


Wizards / witches / shamans are pretty important in Finnish culture sooooo


Tästä syystä velho kiroaa sinut. Et koskaan lopeta suomen kurssia!

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