"L'invention sert à faire des trous dans le fromage."

Translation:The invention is used to make holes in cheese.

June 29, 2020

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    I thought the plural would be "troux" but apparently there are only seven words ending in "ou" that use an "x" instead of "s" for the plural.

    Mon chou, bijou, viens sur mes genoux, laisse tes joujoux, prends ces cailloux et jette-les sur ce hibou plein de poux.” (My darling, jewel, come on my lap, leave your toys, take those stones and throw them on that owl full of lice.)


    That owl is far from poor...


    This invention serves to make holes in the cheese... Why is this wrong?


    It is not wrong Guy. In fact, strictly speaking, it is a better answer than Duo's. Indeed, I have flagged this up and requested that your translation be made the preferred one.

    Hmm.. "sert à faire" could hardly be more accurately translated than by "serves to make." It is really quite depressing that we should even have to say so!


    But it isn't "the cheese." It's just "cheese." Remember, "le fromage" is the French way if saying it.


    Suggestion: Try "showing" the hidden comments below. Unfair downvoting has closed them unnecessarily, IMO.


    Now I know how the Swiss make their cheese! :)


    Counterfeit swiss cheese!!


    The invention is used for boring holes into the cheese. Stupid and cruel DUO!


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