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"Here you are, one coffee. Do you want some milk or sugar?"

Translation:Yksi kahvi, ole hyvä. Haluatko maitoa tai sokeria?

June 29, 2020



Is there any difference between "tai" and "vai"?


Oh! Thanks that's a great one!


Thanks so much for that


It is one person who gets one coffee, but Finnish knows the more distanced you, which would be 'Sie' (=you) in German instead of 'Du' (=you). So, wouldn't 'haluatteko te' be a correct option, because the waitress is not a friend of the customer?


Why is 'Haluatteko te' not accepted


I didn’t report this last time, so I’m saying it here.

“Tai” was an accepted answer, but “vai” was not. The question does not specify whether it should be one or the other, so I chose “vai” since it seemed like a more viable option. However, Duolingo marked it wrong anyway. Can someone change this?


Vai requires you to choose one of the options given. In other words you could only have milk or sugar, not both or neither of them. This wouldn't really make sense in this context, because when it comes to coffee in a question like this, you have four options: milk or sugar, or both or neither. Therefore tai is the correct word, because it allows all of those options and vai doesn't.


I always thought of “tai” questions as yes-no questions. This isn’t the case?


would there be an issue in saying "ole hyvä, yksi kahvi" vs "yksi kahvi, ole hyvä"


Ole hyvä is one of those phrases that can sort of change meaning with context. For example if you say "Kiitos" then another can reply with "Ole hyvä", which will mean you're welcome. In this sentence I can summarise it like this: "Yksi kahvi, ole hyvä" = "One coffee, you're welcome"

"Ole hyvä, yksi kahvi" = " You're welcome, one coffee"

The latter just doesn't sound right, it would sound like you're doing a Yoda impression. In the tips it mentioned that "Ole hyvä" means "Here you go", which isn't wrong, but I never heard people use the phrase at the start of a sentence.


Yeah, the tips and notes say that if ”ole hyvä” went first, the next word/a would sound like a direct address.


Thanks, that makes more sense if you are using it as "you're welcome". I had it in my head as "Here you go" which works as "Here you go, one coffee." is an usable phrase.


Please write somewhere whether "you" is in singular or plural... Loosing lives over mistakes like that is getting annoying

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