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  5. "Yksi kahvi, kiitos."

"Yksi kahvi, kiitos."

Translation:One coffee, please.

June 29, 2020



Surely “ one coffee, thanks“. (Or thank you) is just as correct ?


One coffe, thank you? Is that wrong?


No, it's not wrong but I think duolingo here wants you to use "please". In Finnish there is no word for it, so this can be confusing.


As there is no one word for please, then saying thanks/thank you should be acceptable. It certainly is in real life!


Finns would say "Kahvi, kiitos."


They would say "Yksi kahvi" to make it clear they want only one coffee. "Kahvi, kiitos" might be closer to "A coffee, please" (instead of "one coffee, please").


What is wrong with "a coffee, please."


Finnish does not have the indefinite article "a," or, for that matter, any articles. "A coffee, please" would be translated as "Kahvi, kiitos." "Yksi" translates to "one," never "a."

When translating from Finnish to English, it is sometimes necessary to infer from the Finnish word order whether the English translation should use "a" or "the" before a noun. If I understand it correctly, words at the beginning of a Finnish sentence are more likely to be translated into English with "the," and toward the end of a Finnish sentence with "a."


since they both can have the same meaning, I guess they are asking why aren't they both accepted


They already explained, because yksi does not translate to a but rather one


One coffee, thanks.

You need to FIX what you accept as "correct", when there are equally valid ENGLISH translation!


This course is still in beta.


Whats the difference between kahviko and kahvi?


"Kahviko" is a question, "kahvi" is a noun. The -ko, -kö endings are used when forming questions, like: "Tämä on" - this is "Onko tämä?" - is this? "Otat aurinkoa" - you take sun (meaning: you are sunbathing) "Otatko aurinkoa?" - are you taking sun? "Vie tämä pois" - take this away "Vietkö tämän pois?" - Could you take this away?

Note that this is also a polite way to ask someone to do something, as we tend to express ourselves very bluntly.

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