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"I want to get rid of these old saucepans."

Translation:Je veux me débarrasser de ces vieilles casseroles.

June 29, 2020



switching the sound off: ant stand these stupid voices any more!!!


To get rid of something is reflexive?


1) There are many french reflexive verbs that are not exactly something you do to yourself.

2) Here you need to look at what the word means exactly. Débarrasser means to rid or to clear (the floor, a room...), it means you get rid of the embarras (the clutter, the inconvenience), so se débarasser de quelque chose means something like to declutter oneself of something. I guess it's not the correct way to put in englsih, but I hope it makes some kind of sense...


You can "rid yourself of something" though... :)


That's how I think of it as well. But it might not be necessary because not all pronominal verbs are reflexive verbs. I think this is one of those, specifically an idiomatic pronominal verb, since débarasser can exist also as a transitive verb without the pronoun. e.g., Je débarrasse ton frigo de la vieille nourriture.


Your example shows that it's just a regular transitive verb where the object is the thing that is losing something. Like all transitive verbs, it's reflexive when that object is yourself.


When I use "veux" they require "ai envie de" and vice versa. No consistency! Reporting again.


Can it not be casseroles vieilles ?


No: « vieux / vieilles » is one of the adjectives that always comes before the noun! :)


Dont understand the gender...ces - masculine; vielles - feminine , no?


Not quite! :)

« ces » is plural masculine AND feminine! :)

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