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"Otso istuu mukavassa kahvilassa ja syö pullaa."

Translation:Otso is sitting in a cozy café and eating pulla.

June 29, 2020



The verbs need to agree in the English translation. Is sitting and eating, or sits and eats.

[deactivated user]

    It is a bit confusing to me as non-native English speaker when to use "is sitting" and when to use "sits". In my own language we normally don't make that distinction. When do you do this in English?


    If you say "i eat pulla" for example, it means that you generally eat it. You know, you like it and eat it sometimes. If you say "I am eating pulla" it means you are eating it right now, in the moment.

    [deactivated user]


      It is often a matter of tense and time. Sitting is more emphatically happening right now than sits. A thing happens. It did not happen in the past or future, it just happens in the present. (Its something that takes place) But if you say a thing "is happening", you are watching it unfold before you... theres a more technical distinction maybe but thats what occurs to me.


      So the hint under "mukavassa" says one of the meanings is "nice", but apparently my solution "Otso is sitting in a nice cafe and eating pulla" is wrong :/ Reported.


      Same here. Also reported


      ...And eating pulla


      Question: if the cafe has the ending -ssa (in), the adjective muss always have this suffix too?


      Yes. And it doesn't matter how many adjectives there are. It would be "pienessä, kauniissa, mukavassa, saksalaisessa, (and so on-essa) kahvilassa". Although I doubt anyone would string so many adjectives together in actual speech.


      "Otso is sitting in a nice cafe and eating a pulla" should be accepted.

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