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  5. I'm loving the Finnish tree!


I'm loving the Finnish tree!

My happiness has seriously increased since the tree was released. I wasn't sure that I'd learn much at first, having already studied Finnish on and off over the years, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how much new vocabulary I'm learning. I also struggled to keep a streak going before; no such problem now!

Thank you so much to everyone involved in creating the tree, I can't wait to see how it evolves over time.

June 29, 2020



I couldn't agree more. The Finnish course has brought lots of much needed happiness, particularly to those of us who had waited for years and studied the language in the past with other less fun resources. I have finished myself a number of trees on Duolingo, both in languages I already knew and languages I was curious about, but never enjoyed going over skills with this level of excitement. Minulla on hauskaa tällä kurssilla (I am having a lot of fun with the course). Even though this is only an introductory course, I cannot imagine a better way to get introduced to the language for those who are not familiar with it. Onnea kurssille!


I have a pretty decent couple of books I use but I learn a lot faster on Duolingo.


Yeah, I gave it a look and it looks amazing! I'm almost over with Polish (I just moved to Poland, so) and this one might be the next. It will also be a substitute for the Estonian course I'd like to have and will probably never be, especially now that the Finnish one exists..


I´m also stydying Finnish. 12 crowns so far :) Before I only knew how to say 1, 2, 3 hi and thank you.


It's nice to hear that someone who has studied Finnish before thinks the Finnish tree is good. I'm super excited that they've added Finnish and I'm planning on diving in today!



I have completed almost 14 out for 35 lessons of the Beta tree in the past 5 to 6 days. It is really fun. I am trying to complement it with other online resources too.


what is the tree?


It's the name for the list of skills that make up the courses (the skill trees).


I have the same feeling, I used to study it by myself years ago, and now with this new course, it is a opportunity to continue and remember the language again!


Hello Rose 905025 Greetings from Finland. What you like study in Finnish in here? I am native Finnish speaker and try learning some way in English, but I`dont know how this Duolingo really works. Can you help me?

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