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  5. "Onko tuo oikea rakennus?"

"Onko tuo oikea rakennus?"

Translation:Is that the right building?

June 29, 2020



I thought the question was if the building was correct. But it didn't accept "correct" for oikea. But for being on the right hand side the question sounds weird.


The correct translations for "oikea" in this sentence (without context) are "right", "correct", "genuine", "real", "actual" and probably whatever synonyms for those that you can come up with it. The adjective that means that the building is on the right hand side would be "oikeanpuolinen".


(Correction) oikeanpuoleinen is 'the one on the right'



As has been said, Finnish is still in beta, with some bugs to work out. I, too, was told "correct" was wrong. All you can do is report it and hope someone get around to sorting it out.


Correct solution: Is that the right building?

Why is "Is that the correct building?" not accepted?

GOOGLE TRANSLATE Translations of oikea adjective Frequency right: oikea, sopiva, oikeanpuoleinen, oikeisto-, suora, oikeistolainen
correct: oikea, moitteeton, korrekti proper: asianmukainen, oikea, kunnon, sopiva, varsinainen, todellinen real: todellinen, oikea, aito, reaalinen, tosiasiallinen, tosi- true: totta, todellinen, tosi, oikea, aito, tarkka

If the original sentence is "ambiguous", which I don*t think it is, Duo needs to fix it.


I agree, but you have to keep in mind, Finnish is still in beta, so it won't be the best for a while. Hopefully, the Finnish team will be able to sort these kinks out in the future.


Correct should be accepted


correct = right and should also be accepted


Maybe I'm wrong, but this is the first time the work "oikea", rather than "oikein", has appeared. I had to listen to this several times before I was convinced the audio really wasn't "oikein".


Oikein is an adverb so its translation would be "correctly", while oikea is an adjective, so "correct" in english


I totally read that as "is that an actual building", because "oikea" also translates to "a real one"

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