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"Oikein, tämä on oikea stadion."

Translation:Correct, this is the right stadium.

June 29, 2020



I got two choices "oikea" or "väärin" stadion I feel like both variants could be correct. If someone states: "is this the wrong stadium?" I could say: "correct, this is the wrong stadium". So the multiple choice options should be changed in my opinion.

Unless we are talking about right of left. but even then the sentence would be weird.

same here with the "oikein, tämä on oikein stadion". väärä or oikein are both correct in my opinion.

If someone asks: "is this the wrong building?" i could say: "wrong, this is the correct/right building"

Edit: understood my mistake.... The thing is: check the bending of the word väärä vs väärin Oikea vs oikein

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Väärä is the form used in front of a noun. Väärin stands alone. (Not a very linguistic explanation, but that's how far my current knowledge goes.) You also have oikein (used on its own) vs. oikea (in front of a noun). This is how you know which one to choose, and this sentence illustrates exactly the difference in usage.


Thank you for the answer +10 :D


What's the difference between "oikein" and "oikea"?


Oikein (adverb) stands alone as 'correct' or meaning 'really; very; properly' (the right way) etc.

Oikea (adjective) is placed before the noun it describes and can mean 'real; true; right; correct; genuine; exact' etc.

Oikea (noun) means the direction 'right' as opposed to 'left' [vasen]


That's really interesting that English and Finnish both use the same word for the direction and correct. Is this common in other languages?


Well, you have the same thing in german.

right (direction. like: it is on the right side): rechts

right (correct. Like: you are right): recht

right (like: someone has the right to vote): recht


Yes, but unlike German and English (which is very closely related to German anyway), Finnish is not an Indo-European language, but a Finno-Ugralic one. So the question is if this is a borrowing from a foreign language or did Finnish somehow individually also assign the words for "right" (correct) and "right" (direction) the same word?

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