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"Väärin, tämä on väärä rakennus."

Translation:Wrong, this is the wrong building.

June 29, 2020



I think "this is a wrong building" is also correct. "The wrong" would mean there are only two buildings: one correct and one wrong. If there are more buildings than two, then there is one correct and a few wrong ones. So "a wrong" should also be treated as a correct answer.


No, you would still say "this is the wrong building" regardless of how many buildings there are.


same here with the "oikein, tämä on oikein stadion". väärä or oikein are both correct in my opinion.

If someone asks: "is this the wrong building?" i could say: "wrong, this is the correct/right building"

Edit: understood my mistake.... The thing is: check the bending of the word väärä vs väärin Oikea vs oikein


If it helps to see the difference between "väärin" and "väärä", think that väärin = in the wrong way. "Väärin" at the beginning of sentence is really a shorthand: "(You guessed in the) wrong (way), this is the wrong building."


OK I get that väärä and oikea usually come before nouns and they indicate that something is the the right or wrong thing, but then why do you say 'Onko tuo vastaus oikein/väärin?'

People are saying that oikein and väärin stand alone and are adverbs, but in English in the sentence I just gave they would be adjectives. I'm not arguing with you Finns, I'm just a bit confused. Thanks guys!


That's something I've been wondering too, as a native Finn, ever since I attempted to explain the difference between those two. It's just something we say. Tuo vastaus on väärin ~ Tuo on väärä vastaus. Also when an action is (morally/lawfully) wrong, we say "tuo on väärin."


Reading that felt like a brain fart


My nrain was screaming "Äääääääää!!!"

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