"Meal do naidheachd, a Fhlòraidh."

Translation:Congratulations, Flora.

June 29, 2020

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I said “congrats flora” it didn't like it

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    Why the "a" before Flora since the name begins with an F ? Is the vocative particle added because the "F" is not followed by a vowel?


    Yes. The a disappears only before vowels. That means that if a name starts with an F followed by a vowel too, since lenited fh is not pronounced (so the lenited name starts with a vowel). But here, the lenited form, Fhlòraidh, starts with a consonant /l/, not a vowel, so the a is kept.

    [deactivated user]


      I misspelled this, so 'deserved' to get it wrong. Bizarrely though, I got a contradictory message - a big X (as in 'no cigar') followed by 'Correct!' and the translation into English.

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