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  5. I finished the Finnish tree!


I finished the Finnish tree!

Well its not that big accomplishment cause the course is still in beta and well I'm a Finn anyway but i thought it would be nice to share this with you guys

A big applause to those who are currently learning Finnish. I know its a hard language but keep going you can do it!

Have a nice day :D

PS: Just by the way, what are the numbers next to the flags on my profile in the forum. For example i have 14 next to my German flag although i have over 60 crowns? what are those numbers?

June 29, 2020



Well done! Could you tell someting more about what you think / what you feel about this course?

What are those numbers displayed next to people's flags?


Congratulations! (I was thinking about phrasing it in Finnish, but don't trust Google anymore after doing the Scottish Gaelic course, and haven't learned it here yet).

The numbers are the levels https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/33002358

You can also check how many more XP is needed to the next level by checking your duome profile: https://duome.eu/Tiskitabletti Söpö kissa!


Kiitos! And if you mean that congratulations, its "onneksi olkoon" in finnish.



After posting my comment I realised we learned 'onnea' for congrats already. Google gives 'Onnittelut' ('pat on the back' when switching languages from E-F to F-E). And there you are with yet another option.

What's not to love about a language that has all this and more surprises. It may not be easy to learn, but it makes one happy while doing it. No wonder it has been a popular request for many years and now we get to enjoy all of it.


Yeah there are many ways to say thing in Finnish.. :D


Nice work! I would like to know how the course is.


The course if nice. There are few things that should be fixed but otherwise its good. the level of requirements of the course is rising pretty fast in my opinion. Maybe a little bit too fast. Or well I'm not quite sure.


I tried the Finnish course,but I gave it up relatively early. I found it extremely difficult that the amount of new vocabulary on every skill was not just difficult, but too big in every lesson. Compared to spanish, where I had to learn about half the words in each lesson, I found it too demanding. What is your opinion as a native speaker?


Well yeah its pretty hard but don't give up! :D


Yes, it's kind of a dense course. Keep leveling up the same skill instead of moving on. The words will sink in.


The crowns are simply the number of completed lessons. I have currently 264 crowns in Japanese, but I have progressed only little above the fourth 'tower'. It is because I have made the easier courses into gold, japania pitää kerrata inhorealistisemmin kuin mitään muita kieliä.


Nice! I am have been start leaning Finnish last month, this is the right time duolingo has this course! I am so happy, it really help a lot!


Niiiiice! Well i only started learning Finnish since they offered the course here! Lol! Honestly i am enjoying Finnish. I have been really at it every single day!


I just completed the tree to level 5 and 175 crowns as well. Easy for someone with Finnish parents but I do have to say the later lessons need more translations. There is some inconsistency with answers where minä/sinä are optional. One question will be marked wrong when you use minä and another similar one will be marked wrong when you don't use it. It's still in beta though so the translations will be added eventually.


Great! Although I did notice a missed opportunity for a pun in the title- “I FINNished the Finnish tree”


Congratulations! Even if you're a Finn it's still good because you can give us your opinion on it and if you think the courses are up to par. I saw that you mentioned they escalate pretty quickly. What other things do you think need fixing?

I'm planning on diving in to the Finnish course tonight! I'm really excited!

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    What is a finnish tree?( I don't know)


    Finnish tree: Finnish course


    The tree is that long line of lessons on your screen.


    In Finnish a tree is "puu", which is pronounced like.. well, what comes to mind first when you read it.


    Impressive, that was quick!


    Same. Coming from a native speaker, it was a walk in the park.


    Though this is my first time trying a language in Duolingo and its Finnish. So, I would like to know, don't they have anything after Finnish tree? I could not find anything new after that. Can someone comment on that?


    Finnish is the newest language on Duolingo so it does not have some of the features of the older courses.

    Even in Finnish, you can redo the courses until you turn every circle yellow. Sometimes, you will see a yellow circle that has a crack in it. That means Duo thinks it is time for you to revise that skill but you do not have to wait. You can do any skill again at any time and if you only do it once a day, you will get ten points.

    In many languages, you can do the reverse course. You are tired of the German from English course, so do the English from German course.

    French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish have stories.


    How could you finish the course in one day? The number by the flag indicates that you didn't get very far at all. Just an observation.


    I completed all the forts. That’s about it

    [deactivated user]

      " I'm a Finn anyway" so did you actually tested out your english?


      Grateful to Duo and the course creators for getting Finnish up and running. We need to support the smaller languages and I moved in instantly from Hungarian. Just want an Albanian course now.

      Learn Finnish in just 5 minutes a day. For free.