"Les Français ne mangent pas que des escargots."

Translation:The French don't eat only snails.

June 29, 2020

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To me this would sound better in English as 'The French don't only eat snails' but thats just my opinion.


The last lesson taught me not to use pas when que is already used as a negative. Is this an exception because it's deliberately a double negative?


Technically it isn't a double negative. "Only" and "ne...que" don't negate the sentence, they limit or restrict it. The only true negative is "not" or "ne... pas".


This is a new construction for me. Ne...que combined with ne....pas. I would have expected something like: "Les Français ne mangent seulement pas des escargots."


If 'escargot' is used, it is marked incorrect. In American English we call it the food escargot, not snails.


Can someone please explain why this sentence uses both "pas" and "que"


Wouldn'it it be better to say "Les Français ne mangent pas seulement des escargots"?


I think that it should be translated without "don't" i.e. "The French eat only snails". As far as I know, the french construction used here implicates meaning that I could directly translate to: "The French eat nothing but snails". If I'm wrong, sb please corrects me.


No, this sentence means the exact opposite of what you're saying.


Exactly! The entire exercise seems incorrect.


"Les français ne mange que des escargots" is how you would say that. "Ne ... que" means "only" or "nothing but".

Read the sentence carefully and you'll see it says "ne mange pas que" which reverse the meaning... they "don't only eat escargot". This sentence is appearently a response to someone with a some pretty narrow ideas about French food.

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