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"Tomorrow night, I'll choose a new book."

Translation:Demain soir, je choisirai un nouveau livre.

June 29, 2020



Do you not distinguish between 'tomorrow night' and 'tomorrow evening' in French? (I translated this as: "Demain nuit, je choisirai un nouveau livre")


The French think of evening as lasting longer than we English speakers do. Basically, la nuit begins at bedtime. So commonly, any planned activities occur during le soir.

This is a case where direct translation doesn't work because the time spans are reckoned a little different.


Fair enough, but then the prompt should say "tomorrow evening".


I have the same question. When would you use nuit if not here


Why nouveau livre vs livre nouveau?


Can someone explain why not choisirais? Merci d'avance


'Choisirais' would be 'would choose', and yes the pronunciation, as far as I can make out, is identical.


Look, if you want us to use, "soir" say, "evening". If we're not supposed to use "nuit" for "night" then when exactly do we use it?


This here is not an open question forum. If you have a problem with this particular exercise, ask here. If you have problems with french in general, feel free to post in the french from english forum.


Je deteste le francais - see it sounds better in French. Yes most adjectives are placed after the noun they modify but short common adjectives often come before (beau, bon, bref, grand, gros, faux, haut, jeune, joli, mauvais, meilleur, nouveau, petit, vieux). There is of course a list of exceptions - sorry, a LONG list of exceptions. You think French is hard, imagine trying to learn English as an adult. True no accents and no genders but an immense vocabulary and irregular everything. Also I see this discussion forum used as an open question forum all the time (sorry Jojo) and use it as such myself. Most people are very helpful. Bon chance.

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