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"Söpö tyttö haluaa vähän jäätelöä."

Translation:The cute girl wants a little bit of ice cream.

June 29, 2020



I wrote "a little" instead of "a little bit of" and it was marked wrong. What's the difference between a little ice cream and a little bit of ice cream? Maybe add another correct translation?


I did a similar thing. I wrote "a bit of" instead of "a little bit of" and it was marked wrong. I think all of these variations should be accepted.


So the suggestion is both "the girl" and "a girl" for tyttö but they flag me wrong for "a girl"


Hello, Please can anyone tell me if Finns see a difference in politeness between "want" and "would like"? In Hungarian, for example, "akar"- want, was considered rude- perhaps too abrupt or egocentric? You do have the same in English, but to a lesser extent. I wondered if there's anything similar here. Kiitos :)


That is the fault of the english not the English. Would like is also a polite form in English. Falling into disuse probably due to uncouth english people. Want is still considered vulgar in many parts of the uk ... I hear!


Could " the cute girl wants some icecream" also be correct


That would be 'söpö tyttö haluaa jäätelöä'. It doesn't specify how much ice cream she wants.

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