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Please add keys for accented letters such as ä

Hello, all other languages in duolingo have a few keys in the keyboard mode for the accented letters. Like this -> https://i.imgur.com/ue1caPT.png

Please add these keys for ä, ö as they would be useful. Thanks.

June 29, 2020



They're coming. Patience.


Not all languages have them (Vietnamese for example would need something like 70 of them so it wouldn't be really helpful).

But yes, Finnish could benefit from it because it needs only a few of them.


Will they add å as well (Åbo, Åland)?


Looks like it's just ä and ö. Is å used outside loanwords and Swedish names?


Probably. Like they have it for "é" in Swedish which is only used in a few words borrowed from French.


Those are Turku and Ahvenanmaa in Finnish. If we ever include a name with the "Swedish o" in the course, we'll ask for a third key. :)

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