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  5. "Sinä naurat."

"Sinä naurat."

Translation:You are laughing.

June 29, 2020



Finnish Verbs conjugation (On positive present progressive) :

"vr" = Verb root

"vsc" = Verb subject conjugation

Examples with the verb "itkea"(cry)("itkea" 's vr = "itke"

Infinitive = vr + a

•I [Minä]- vr + n (itken)

•You [Sinä]- vr + t (itket)

•We [Me]- vr + mme (itkemme)

•You (plural) [Te]- vr + tte (itkette)

•He/She \It [Hän\Se]- vr + the last vowel other time (itkee)

•They [He]- vr + vat

For the asking mode, you need to

•Asking Mode: vr + vsc + ko


All pretty good, except in the case of chosen example verb, which is itkeä, not itkea. I get that it can be difficult since not all keyboards are Finnish (lol), but it's still important to note since they are not accents. Ä and Ö (and Å, too) are different letters from A and O, they have their own places in the alphabet and all. It affects some conjugations too: "he itkevät" and the questioning ending, which is then -kö. Should've maybe used the verb from this exercise, nauraa, and it would've been all correct!


What is the difference between "siinä" and "sinä"?


sinä is the nominative form of the singular you. siinä means "(in) here/there". We do not teach this word in the current version of the course. :)


You're should be accepted.


No. You're is just a contraction of "you are". Report it next time.


Unless they don't accept contractions.

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