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  5. "Minä kasvan!"

"Minä kasvan!"

Translation:I am growing!

June 29, 2020



Finnish Verbs conjugation (On positive present progressive) :

"vr" = Verb root

"vsc" = Verb subject conjugation

Examples with the verb "itkea"(cry)("itkea" 's vr = "itke"

Infinitive = vr + a

•I [Minä]- vr + n (itken)

•You [Sinä]- vr + t (itket)

•We [Me]- vr + mme (itkemme)

•You (plural) [Te]- vr + tte (itkette)

•He/She \It [Hän\Se]- vr + the last vowel other time (itkee)

•They [He]- vr + vat

For the asking mode, you need to

•Asking Mode: vr + vsc + ko


Hey! You are awesome, I'm printing it, kiitos :D


You made this so easy, kiitos!


It gets more complicated though when we get to consonant gradation.


I am growing. Yup. That's a very normal thing to say.


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


maybe only in weight...


Can you drop both the olen and minä and just leave it as kasvan? And would that be accepted in conversation or would it be weird to just have the olen conjugation of kasvaa?


It's not exactly incorrect, but it's very unusual.


Well, it's not incorrect at all ("kasvan" = I grow/I am growing), but it's true that on its own it feels quite abrupt. However, if you continue the sentence in some way it becomes perfectly fine to use.

"Kasvan kolme millimetriä viikossa" - I grow tree millimetres a week.

"Kasvan koko ajan" - I grow all the time

"Minusta tuntuu, että kasvan ihmisenä joka päivä" - I feel that I grow as a person every day


There is no "olen" to be dropped. Curious why you're asking about dropping it when it doesn't exist and is not possible in this sentence.


If you would present new words FIRST then i would know meaning. Only words you gave me were: kasvatte & kasvaa

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