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  5. "Autot seisovat ruuhkassa."

"Autot seisovat ruuhkassa."

Translation:The cars are waiting in a traffic jam.

June 29, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Seisovat means standing, not waiting anyhow. These translations are becoming quite derived, makes them difficult to get them passed,especially if they are translating words as other words!!


    It would be better to say "The cars are stuck in a traffic jam."


    Stopped or standing in other questions

    [deactivated user]

      Autot ovat jumissa liikenneruuhkassa


      Does one have to have 'The' in front of cars??


      Yes. If you left it out it would mean "All cars are standing in a traffic jam all the time." Bread is food. The bread is stale. One is general, the other specific.


      No, "Cars are waiting in a traffic jam" is the same as "Some cars are waiting in a traffic jam". More than one car, but not necessarily all.

      The more idiomatic "Cars are stuck in traffic" gets 30,500 results from Google. "The cars are stuck in traffic" only gets 5,310 results. The use of indefinite cars, without "the", is not talking about all cars, all the time.

      Consider these two sentences: "People are eating", and "People eat". The first refers to some indefinite amount of people, while the latter refers to all people everywhere. When an indefinite plural noun is the subject of a verb in the progressive aspect ("is" plus a verb with the -ing suffix), typically the subject isn't referring to all. Indefinite subjects of verbs in the simple aspect, like the second sentence, are more likely to have the "all" meaning.

      As for Duolingo's sentence, "The cars are waiting in a traffic jam", a Google search brings up exactly two results: both from Duolingo.


      I agree with Colleen. 'stuck' is the word I would use.


      Sometimes when I'm flummoxed by a Duo translation, I run it through Google Translate for a 2nd opinion. In this case, the result was "Cars are standing in the pits." Am still none the wiser.


      "The cars are stood in a traffic jam" is the closest I can get using "seisovat". Wouldn't "odottavat" have fitted better?

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