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"– Why are you smiling? – Because this forest is so beautiful."

Translation:– Miksi sinä hymyilet? – Koska tämä metsä on niin kaunis.

June 29, 2020



"sinä" is optional, it's not a mistake if we don't put it in the sentence


Had the same problem. Got the sentence wrong about eight or ten times. I did have typos, so it ssemed like duo was just extremely strict on the spelling on this one. That was before I discovered that "sinä" has to be there for it to be accepted. And it is optional.


Miksi hymyilet should also be accepted in my opinion.


Miksi hymyilet; miksi sinä hymyilet; miksi hymyilette; miksi te hymyilette - all are valid.


"miksi te hymyilette koska tämä metsä on niin kaunis" marked as wrong. Reported. EDIT: the same for "miksi hymyilet koska tämä metsä on niin kaunis". reported.


Both the sinä and te forms should be accepted with or without the pronouns. There's no context for determing whether "you" is singular or plural.


There's no consistency with first and second person pronouns. Sometimes your answer is wrong if you omit them, and sometimes it's wrong if you include them.

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