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  5. "Minulla on koira."

"Minulla on koira."

Translation:I have a dog.

June 29, 2020



why is it "minulla on" is anyone able to break it down a little better?


"I have a dog" in Finnish is literally: "On me is a dog". Like in Russian: "u menya est sobaka." Finnish has no specific verb for "to have", instead we use the verb "olla" (to be) + a different form of "I" (minä --> minulla).


That's interesting. In Irish, we say "A dog is at me" and we also don't have a verb for "to have".


And in Hungarian we say "to me" is a dog. Interesting how we all follow a similar logic yet use slightly different cases.


@Gabor9921: Finnish, Eesti and Hungarian are the 3 most spoken languages of a group of Finno-Ugrian languages. Hence, Finnish and Hungarian are related, where they are not related to any other language spoken in contemporary Europe, apart from Estonian, that is. (Aug. 2020)


While Livonian is functionally extinct and Vepsian nearly so, Karelian and Saami (several variants) are definitely spoken in Europe.

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