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"I would like to buy two blue ties."

Translation:Haluaisin ostaa kaksi sinistä kravattia.

June 29, 2020



There's no "buy" in yhe Finnish translation.


"ostaa" puuttunee lauseesta.


12 July. No word for "buy" in the Finnish sentence


Same on August 14


31 Aug still no. I understand it is Beta, but my motivation to finish the course is almost gone. I am teaching myself errors just to get through it.


Same on September 4.


This has been fixed on 3 September, so any day now it should show up...


"I would like two blue ties" would also be understood in a store to mean that I would like to buy them. To me, the correct translation is "Haluaisin ostaa kaksi sinistä kravattia" since the verb "buy" is included in the English sentence.


"to buy" is missing in the Finnish sentence. I get it, would be understood quite ok in the right context, but it is just confusing here. Either make it "I would like two blue ties" or add "ostaa" in the Finnish version. Reported


Miksi ei ole kahta sinistä kravattia? Voiko joku selittää?


In the sentence "Haluaisin ostaa... +object", there is nothing that requires the partitive case (it's not negative, it's not an incomplete action, ostaa is not one of the partitive-requiring verbs, etc.) - that's why the object is in accusative and "kaksi" just remains "kaksi". The rest of the expression - "sininen kravatti" must be in partitive simply because it follows an amount (two). Compare this with "I'd like to buy ONE blue tie": ..."Haluaisin ostaa yhden sinisen kravatin" - now the whole object is in accusative (which shares its actual form with the genitive).

If you say the same sentence in negative, you'll have the whole object in partitive: "En halua ostaa kahta sinistä kravattia". If you use a partitive-requiring verb, the same things happens: "Etsin kahta sinistä kravattia" (I'm looking for two blue ties - looking for something is by default an incomplete action.) If we do this with "ONE blue tie", we still get the partitive: "En halua ostaa (yhtä) sinistä kravattia." and "Etsin (yhtä) sinistä kravattia."

Ymmärrätkö nyt? :)


Ymmärrän, kiitos paljon

[deactivated user]

    Yes, the previous example is also missing the core verb of the sentence. It shows even in Beta, no one is really testing this.


    Just "I would like two blue ties" (which might imply "to buy" in some contexts, but that's not what the Finnish says) [reported]


    Why 'kaksi' and not 'kahta'?


    Please read the comments above. This was explained in detail.


    The only verb option following "Haluaisin" is "sovittaa". It should be "ostaa". If I go to a store in Finland and say "haluaisin [jotain]" it is probably understood that I would like to purchase that thing. However, if the translation is explicitly expressing the idea that these ties are to be bought, that verb should be used (i.e., "ostaa").


    It should be "haluaisin ostaa kaksi sinistä kravattia" I think

    [deactivated user]

      No buying involved in the Finnish. Could it be correct in the context of being in a store at the counter and saying this?


      yes but it is still not acceptable as a translation


      Haluaisin ostaa was taken as wrong answer


      no ostaa in your sentence


      To buy to buy to buy

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