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Non-Finns : How much of the Finnish language tree have you completed till now?

Non-Finns - especially new to Finnish : How much of the Finnish language tree have you completed till now?

June 29, 2020



I'm only close to the first checkpoint, I haven't been practicing too much


i am almost to the second checkpoint

i am a Level 8 in the course with 1549 XP

i have 34 crowns



Wonderful. Did you have any previous experience of learning Finnish through any online materials?


nope! first time. to be 100% honest, i probably had never heard of it before this


I have completed all skills to level 1 in the 1st two checkpoints & done about half of the 3rd checkpoint to level 1. I have done a few past level 1 (mostly to level 2 or 3). I have 635 XP, 30 crowns & have reached level 6 in the course, whatever any of that means in real-world progress.


How long did you take to reach the second check point? I mean roughly in number of hours. Did you have any previous experience in learning Finnish from other resources?


I don't really remember how long it took - it was 7 days ago now! I read (re-read) the tips after getting things wrong. And most of my errors are due to the awful, tortured English the course often uses as the sole acceptable answer. I've been using 6000 Words Finnish & Clozemaster for over a year, just to learn vocab, get used to the sounds, etc. I've ordered the text book 'Complete Finnish' from Amazon.


I've only just done the first lesson out of excitement, but I'm going to dive in tonight. Since you're asking people, I'll keep an eye on how long it takes me to get through the learning and let you know.

I don't have any previous learning besides knowing a couple words and a Finnish dictionary a friend from Helsinki gave me about 12 years ago that I've flipped through.


90 crowns and sailing I love it!


Just the first checkpoint, with almost all the crowns.


Almost at the second checkpoint after four days


I'm on 'pets 1', have 'the north' left. I gotta say, I've never been able to get through a tree so quickly. Finnish is nice...easy to spell since the words are phonetic, no articles, no gender, and the meaning is pretty straight forward when it comes to translating whole sentences. Curiously, I also remember the words easier than with the other languages words on duolingo.

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