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"Pitsassa on sipulia, tomaattia, juustoa ja makkaraa."

Translation:There is onion, tomato, cheese, and sausage on the pizza.

June 29, 2020



In English these things are usually ON the pizza, are they not?


I would say "on the pizza", too.


I also agree. If someone said "in the pizza", I might think they meant 'mixed into the pizza dough'.


They are now. (Well, in some weeks or days when the change shows up.)

I'm not changing the singular ingredients to plural, despite the suggestions in this thread, since it's not wrong to have onion and tomato on one's pizza, and it would just make the translation back into Finnish unnecessarily difficult.


I would agree about the on comment!


unless it is a calzone


The current English translation is also grammatically incorrect -- you have a singular verb but with a list of items.


"There is" is correct here (logically it shouldn't be... but English is just mean like that). Starting a list with "there is/are" you conjugate to the plurality of the first item. E.g. "There is a table, bed, and chairs in my room" or "There are chairs, a table, and a bed" but never "There are a table..."


We could get around this quirk by saying "There are onions..."

Also as said above it's on not in


"Is" is correct, but there is still a grammatical problem with listing countable nouns in singular without articles of any sorts and having them IN the pizza... Not a good translation on so many levels.


There is no problem with listing without articles (the optional article here would be "some" as we are treating the onion as a mass noun) it may sound strange to you saying it aloud because we would always contract "There's" in this sentence, but that's stylistic not grammatical.

The only problem here is "in" when it should be "on"


Again... The pizza has. Not "there is." and toppings go on, not in.


It would be better English to say "There are onions, tomatoes, cheese, and sausage on the pizza". Sounds super strange the way it is.


Shouldn't it be "There ARE (many items) ON the pizza." ?


Se on "Pizza Calzone" ;)

[deactivated user]

    Reported: "In the pizza are onion, etc" should also be accepted.


    Agree with the various criticisms so far. Definitely needs revision.


    there ARE bruhhhh

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