"Dans l'entreprise, chacun peut choisir son bureau."

Translation:At the company, everyone can choose their office.

June 29, 2020

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I would be more likely to say 'In' rather than 'At'. I think both should be accepted.


How can one tell when 'bureau' means 'office' and when it means 'desk'?


I agree. I would say "in the company" rather than "at".


why "son" and not "leur" please


I also agree that in English we would say "In" rather than "At" so both should be acceptable


"In the company, each one can choose his office." was not accepted. I reported it, because I think it is correct, but I'm not sure which part of the sentence Duo doesn't like.


Exactly what I wrote, and I think it should be accepted. Reported again.


I expect it's marked incorrect because it is currently considered politically incorrect to use the posessive pronoun 'his' in situations which could apply to men, women and every other gender. We are now encouraged to use 'their', to be gender neutral, even though it is grammatically incorrect.


"In our company, everyone can choose his office" would have been the best English in years gone by. Now, with gender neutrality being encouraged, using the plural "their", to avoid specifying his or her is likely correct. I still think that the "can choose his office" should be marked correct


"At the company, each person can choose her office." Wow! I didn't expect this to be accepted! I only put it in desperation after submitting multiple better translations that were rejected. Duo is very strange.


I put "at the company everyone can choose their own office" and this was marked wrong. I know it's not an exact translation, but I thought that it was the meaning.


I tried to up vote the answers that i agreed with, but I couldn't.


Why am I wrong


Something wrong with this sentence please correct


For the third time I am struggling with this sentence do something

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