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"Tuo pari haluaa lisää jäätelöä."

Translation:That couple wants more ice cream.

June 29, 2020



Although Americans tend not to do it, is perfectly acceptable in English to treat a singular noun that represents more than one person (or animal) as a plural when declining the verb. In this case, "the couple wants" and "the couple want" are both equally correct. I would argue that "the couple want" is actually preferable.


We are aware of this and are in the process of adding the UK versions in too, although it will take weeks for them to appear in the course itself. : )


but wouldn't haluaa need to change to haluavat? (if 'want' is decided)


While in English "a/the/this/that couple" can both "want" and "wants" something , depending on which part of the world you call your home, in Finnish pari can only be followed by a verb in the 3rd person singular. :)


Will you also add "some more ice cream"? That's how I would normally ask the question in my house.


It's called "synesis" or "notional agreement". It's great to know the course creators are working on including it.


Moi How do I say " less " ? Kiitos


Wouldn't that be vähän?


"Vähän" is "a little bit."

"Less" is the comparative of that, "vähemmän," sort of like "a littler bit."

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