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  5. "Vyössä on musta sydän."

"Vyössä on musta sydän."

Translation:There is a black heart in the belt.

June 29, 2020



I think 'There is a black heart on the belt' is a better translation into English, even though the case used would directly translate as 'in the belt'.


Yes, it's odd enough that I didn't understand the sentence until you explained it.


I suppose a belt with a black heart in it could exist in a fantasy novel that features a character wearing an evil belt that is alive through the dark magic that enchanted the heart into the belt.

But assuming that this is a decorative heart design upon the surface of the belt, the English translation ought to be "There is a black heart on the belt."


Pretty unlikely, but a metaphorical belt might have something in it. In The Expanse, for instance, they might say Ceres is the heart of the (Asteroid) Belt, that there is a black heart in the Belt. Even that is quite a stretch, obviously.


Or perhaps it's describing a belt being worn by a member of Joan Jett's former band.


On the belt, not in.


Yeah, as everyone has said, the heart can't be IN the belt, but can be ON the belt. Reported.


Would: "the belt has a black heart (on it)" work?


I'm actually surprised it's not vyöllä in this case, I suppose the main reason against it is it would indicate possession? Probably the same reason maassa means on the ground


There are other times when a -ssa/ssä translates as "on", and -lla/llä endings translate as "in". For example if you wanted to say "I live in Tampere, it would be "asun Tampereella". Same with Vantaa and Seinäjoki. Vantaalla and Seinäjoella.


Yeah Tampereella, Venäjällä, Rovaniemella those never really made sense to me. The best reason I could come up with is the place name contains a locative that is suggestive of an exclusion rather than an inclusion, for instance Seinäjoellä, you wouldn't be "in" the river but for the others, I dunno.


Yes, usually we use adessive for places at rivers or lakes, which explains Tampereella, Seinäjoella, Vantaalla, Rovaniemellä, Leppävirralla and others.


It was explained to me that Tampereessa would literally mean in the Tammerkoski rapids between Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi.


That is very oddly specific ;)


I agree that the heart is most likely "on" the belt rather than "in" it.

Even so, "In the belt is a black heart" (or "On") should be accepted. Reported.

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