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  5. "Ela só tem cem dólares."

"Ela tem cem dólares."

Translation:She has only a hundred dollars.

May 13, 2013



Ela tem mais que eu!


Or you can just write it as a number, "she only has 100 dollars" was marked correct for me.


But you can't write 'she only has $100', that's marked wrong.


Não seria melhor mencionar a moeda do Brasil também, em vez de só dólares, dólares, dólares?


She only has R$210 give or take. Rsrsrsrs


Good ole days. She has almost R$500 now.


Why is "She's only got a hundred dollars" wrong? Is this an English course?


Aw come on! A course is a course and it implies using correct language. I don't mind the contraction that much, but using the verb "to get" for posession is not correct English. I know a lot of people say it, but it is still wrong.


Really? I was taught in English language class at school that "have got" is correct.


Americans usually say, “have” and the British are more likely to say, “have got.”

But "have got" is also accepted in American English, although it is considered to be less formal.


The above sentence implies she already has a hundred dollars. Your sentence implies she was given a hundred dollars. Both pretty much are the same thing only with two different points of view, changing the original sentence, but only in a translating sense really.


It can be, she has a hundred dollars.


If you translate it that way, you're completely leaving "só" and the meaning of the sentence changes.


What i meant is to translate "She has only hundred dollars"


And you can't do that in English. It has to "one hundred" or "a hundred."


She has a hundred dollars only. - not working.


because it is incorrect. you can't say that in english. it has to be "she has only a hundred dollars


I mean, as an English speaker, One wouldn't hesitate to understand because people add words tothe end of a sentence if they dorget to clarify. It is wrong but it does make sense, just really odd to write


I suppose hundred dollars is also a right answer, not only a hundred dollars.


If you mean that it can be "she has hundred dollars," I'm afraid you are incorrect. A person has "a hundred" or "one hundred" dollars.


Or 'hundred dollar note(s)/bill(s).


yes, but that wouldn't make sense in the sentence.


I have to disagree. It is a correct answer in the Context (!) of the course. Because: - even though it's grammatically incorrect, but still the meaning is clear - it shows that the person understands Portuguese phrase correctly. That is the most important here

After all it's not an English course. Unfortunately Portuguese for English speakers is almost the only option in Duo and many people come here with intention to learn proper Portuguese and almost zero intention to learn 100% grammatically correct English (there's an English course for this)

So, if a similar mistake is made in a Portuguese sentence, I agree it's an error. In English - as soon as it's close to the right answer, it must be considered a typo (Duo gives nice hints about the typos sometimes when it's not unreasonably picky)

I don't understand why the person above was downvoted that much

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