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Wht do we say "Sum puella" ? Can't we say "Ego sum puella'?

June 29, 2020



Both are fine, "sum puella" and "ego sum puella", as well as "puella sum", "ego puella sum" and variants.

(The first person singular is already encoded in the verb form, as is mostly the case with inflected languages.)


Sure, you can, but who has time when there are olives to harvest?

Timor mortis conturbat me.


There are languages where you can use the sentence without subject pronouns (russian, hungarian etc.)


It's important to understand that you don't need the additional pronoun (ego), since the verb sum expresses "1st person singular subject" ( = "I") in itself.

It's also important to understand, as the commenter CF PLUS puts it, that the word order of "sum puella" also doesn't matter. Puella sum also means, "I'm a girl."

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