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"We are cold. Oh no, the tea and the coffee are all gone."

Translation:Meillä on kylmä. Voi ei, tee ja kahvi ovat loppu.

June 29, 2020



Is "all" included in "loppu"? (June 2021)


Yes. If something is "loppu" or "lopussa", it is all gone, nothing left, the end of it. If it was just almost all gone, it would be e.g. "melkein loppu" / "melkein lopussa".

If you wanted to put "all" somewhere in the sentence, it would require rephrasing, e.g. Joimme kaiken kahvin (We drank all the coffee). Or: Kaikki on lopussa (All is gone). The latter one would work well also for expressing generic despair, when all hope is lost. Some addicts might think it is exactly the right sentence for describing the situation when there is no coffee left.

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