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  5. "Glögi on täällä."

"Glögi on täällä."

Translation:The glögi is over here.

June 29, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I noticed that this exercise accepts "The glög is over there" where it regards "there" to be a typo. This is certainly not a typo and should be rejected. Reported.


    Why not «right here»? What is the difference?!


    "Right here" is tässä. "Over here" is täällä. The former can be appropriate for something within touching distance, while the latter can encompass the whole room.

    It's explained more in https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-vocabulary/word-types/adverbs/how-to-say-here-and-there-in-finnish#one.


    "Glögi is over here" is marked as wrong. "The" is certainly not essential to a correct answer in native English (I am English).


    "Glögi is over here" is a better match for 'Täällä on glögiä'.

    When an English subject follows the determiner 'the' in an existential sentence, then it usually precedes the location in Finnish. Thus 'Glögi on täällä'.

    But if a subject follows the determiner 'a' or no determiner at all, then it usually follows the location. And if an uncountable noun follows the location, it needs to be partitive.


    That's what I said, but in a lot more words


    "Glögi is over here": 'Täällä on glögiä'. "The glögi is over here": 'Glögi on täällä'. Here we're asked to translate 'Glögi on täällä', so the English sentence should have 'the'.


    No offence but I'm English, I have a Masters Degree in English Linguistics and you are wrong.

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