"Your room is bigger than ours."

Translation:Votre chambre est plus grande que la nôtre.

June 29, 2020

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I am trying to hear the pronunciation difference between "notre" and "nôtre". It sounds like the "re" is dropped with "nôtre". Correct?


No it's the "o" that's supposed to sound different, although I must say as a southern French I can't really hear any difference when I say them myself. That might be because in southern accents our vowels tend to be more open by default though.


I'm from Lyon and I pronounce differently notre and nôtre. (o/ô)
But the -re sound is definately the same.


Is "ton chambre est plus grande que la nos" valid or do we have to use votre/notre?


"Chambre" is feminine, and im not sure about "la nos", but I'd use la notre in this case; Ta chambre est plus grande que la notre


that was not accepted... although in English it could be either singular or plural. I reported


maybe because you have "la notre" instead of "la nôtre"


"chambre" is feminine so it would be "ta chambre" (if you are talking in the familiar manner) and it is the pronoun (??) "ours" = la nôtre (referring to the singular feminine chambre)...hopefully this helps.

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