"Bidh iad a' cluiche goilf a h-uile Dimàirt."

Translation:They play golf every Tuesday.

June 29, 2020

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Did i miss a bit where bidh isused for habitual actions? I thought it translated as will


Yep. From the Tips:

"Bidh" as continuous actions

We have already seen future tense forms of bi used to describe ... well ... things that happen in the future:

  • Bidh mi a’ falbh a-màireach. - I will be leaving tomorrow.

  • Cha bhi mi a’ cadal a-nochd. - I won't be sleeping tonight.

Bidh can also be used to describe things that happen regularly (the present habitual):

  • Bidh mi a’ cluiche rugbaidh a h-uile Disathairne. - I play rugby every Saturday.

  • Bidh mi ag ithe taigeis a h-uile latha. - I eat haggis every day.

There is an important difference when using tha and bidh to discuss the present tense:

  • Tha mi a’ cluiche rugby. - I am playing rugby.

This implies that you are playing rugby at that moment.

  • Bidh mi a’ cluiche rugby. - I play rugby.

This is a more general statement and implies that playing rugby is something you do often. It could also mean that you will be playing rugby at some point in the future, but in practice, context will make the true meaning clear.

  • Tha mi ag ithe taigeis. - I am eating haggis.

This implies you are chowing down on some delicious mixed offal at that moment.

  • Bidh mi ag ithe taigeis. - I eat haggis.

This implies that eating haggis is something you do often. Fair play to you.

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