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  5. "Hetki! Minulla on kiire."

"Hetki! Minulla on kiire."

Translation:A moment! I am busy.

June 29, 2020



I have never heard anyone just say, "a moment" in English. We always preface it with "just a-" or "give me a-". "Hetki" is acceptable on its own in Finnish, but the English translation needs extra words to demonstrate this as standard usage.


Agreed; also possible is "one moment". It never occurred to me how seemingly arbitrary this is in English...


Also agree. "A moment" is archaic at best


Yup, came here to make the same comment


What about this one.....just a moment i am in a hurry.... Could this be acceptable???

[deactivated user]

    A moment is not really any translation, just a moment or wait a moment are common sentences


    "One moment" is more commonly used than "a moment" and yet it's not an acceptable answer.


    You are correct. I've reported it as a missing translation on 17th August.


    It should be "just a moment". Nobody says "a moment".

    [deactivated user]

      Minulla on kiire can also mean I'm busy


      This translation confuses me... are they asking for a moment of someone's time because they are busy? Or are they asking you to wait a moment because they are busy with something else? I don't know what a moment is supposed to mean here


      It sounds to me as though someone is asking you to wait for a moment because they are busy with something else.

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