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  5. "I have a Swedish name."

"I have a Swedish name."

Translation:Minulla on ruotsalainen nimi.

June 29, 2020



Why do you need the on?


Because there is no "is"


The structure for "I have" in Finnish is "Minulla on" = more or less "by/on me is".


Beacuse there is "have". Yes there are no "is"


If I wanted to say "I have the Swedish name", perhaps because we're sorting a pile of cards of names and I happened to have the card with the Swedish name, would I say "Minulla ruotsalainen nimi on"?


"Minulla ruotsalainen nimi on."

(a poetry style)


So would there be any difference then, to say I have THE swedish name vs A swedish name? Is that a case distinction for later?


In your card sorting example, I'd probably say "Minulla on se ruotsalainen nimi", as in that Swedish name, since there is clearly just one and it has been mentioned before.

But Minulla ... on doesn't work (outside of poetry and song lyrics), it has to be either "Minulla on X" or "X on minulla".


Minulla ruotsalainen nimi on;
sen sain ma vanhemmiltain.


Yeah, well, as you can see from my handle... ;-)


Only if you are asking a question would "on" be at the end of your sentence. If it is a statement "on" would not be at the end.


Even if this were a question, "on" couldn't come at the end. If you have a question word (mitä, kuka, missä, etc.), you can have on at the end, but this question would be Onko minulla ruotsalainen nimi?.

Or, I guess Minullako on ruotsalainen nimi? (Am I the one with the Swedish name?) or Ruotsalainenko nimi minulla on? (Is it a Swedish name I have?) -- oh, there it is, a question ending with on!!

OK, so there are some questions even without question words that can end with on, just not this particular one.


Without question words? Ruotsalainenko is a question word, AFAIK...


Couldn’t this also mean Minulla is a Swedish name


Yes, technically, but I have never hear of any Swedish or Finnish person named "Minulla". Doesn't mean that there isn't someone named that, however. But it's certainly not a typical Swedish name. :)

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