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  5. "shamaani; shamaanit"

"shamaani; shamaanit"

Translation:a shaman; shamans

June 29, 2020



"a" should not be required here


"Shaman" is not a mass noun.


I know, but I can guarantee you that many native speakers (in addition to myself) will leave out the "a" in this particular circumstance, because this sentence doesn't really read like a "proper" sentence; when you read it out loud, it feels like a child pointing at pictures in a book and saying what is in the picture.

I guess it depends on whether the goal is to help people to be understandable and grammatically correct, or just understandable!


Doesn't matter. This isn't a sentence; it's a two-isolated-word answer to an unspoken question. The actual meaning of the word is almost irrelevant. Many (if not most) English speakers would not use an article here; some might even consider it incorrect. It's certainly not required.

If this were in a full sentence, that would be a different story. But it's not.


But in English plural of Shaman is Shamen not shamans....


Shamen has been deemed an incorrect plural form. Shamans is the correct one.

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