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  5. "We admire this warm person."

"We admire this warm person."

Translation:Ihailemme tätä lämmintä ihmistä.

June 29, 2020



I think "Me ihailemme" instead of just "Ihailemme" isn't wrong.


Nope, it's perfectly fine. Did you report it using the flag?


And I will report it again. It is really frustrating that sometime it is incorrect with the minä/sinä/me and te and sometimes without them...


I agree. Reported.


"Me ihailemme" is also correct. Reported


This is SO annoying!!!


Reported "Me" issue on 2020-AUG-22


I think it would be much appreciated from everybody if the maintainers of this course would do a "grooming" of some sorts, to always allow both versions: either with pronoun or without.

I know it is still in beta, so not really much reason to really complain. But this is a "feature" of the finish language.


It's not an absolute feature, though. I know there was at least one very short sentence here (it would of course have been better if I would remember which one...) where dropping the pronoun made the sentence unnaturally short and weird. So there are sometimes good reasons to use pronouns.

This doesn't of course mean that a systematic review of these sentences wouldn't be a good idea, but it wouldn't be a question of just always allowing both.



I know what you mean. Maybe the sentence was something like: "(minä) ihailen häntä"

Question is: where is the line between "grammatically correct" and "sounding too unnatural". If it sounds really unnatural in a sense that really no one would say that, the pronoun should not be left out. Probably it will be discussed in the comment section. But if I could say it in "real life" and would get away with it, without creeping out anyone, it should be an alternative answer.


Sure! That's why these discussion threads are useful.


This might be heavy on the devs, but a way to solve this issue would be to accept the answer, similar to how answers with typos or missing accents are accepted.

In the same way it warns the user about typos, it could warn them that while accepted, the sentence doesn't sound natural.

That would be AWESOME.


Is it really wrong to say "ihminen" instead of "ihmistä" in this context?


Yes. Very wrong. The verb “ihailla” partitive- “tätä lämmintä ihmistä”. You can think of it as we admire (whom?)- this warm person, to remember better.


Me ihailemme was wrong, too


Me ihailemme should also be correct


Yup, it has been added. It should trickle through the system to the user end pretty soon.

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