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  5. "We already speak Hungarian."

"We already speak Hungarian."

Translation:Me puhumme jo unkaria.

June 29, 2020



Why not "me jo puhumme unkaria" ?


There are two ways to interpret the English sentence. One: "We already speak, but maybe don't read or write, Hungarian". Me jo puhumme unkaria.

Two: "It's Hungarian, not some other language, that we already speak". Me puhumme jo unkaria.

If the English sentence were spoken, the first interpretation would accent "speak", while the second interpretation would accent "Hungarian". But since it's only written, it's ambiguous.

However, this course only accepts the second interpretation of the English sentence, and so marks me jo puhumme unkaria as wrong.

EDIT: Me jo puhumme unkaria might sound poetic. I think putting jo before puhumme does shift the meaning, emphasizing the speaking.

However, this can be achieved while keeping jo in its normal position after the verb, by more strongly accenting the word puhumme, rather like English does.


I asked myself the same

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