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"Tämä on kaunis paita, mutta istuuko se?"

Translation:This is a beautiful shirt, but does it fit?

June 29, 2020



This is a nice suprise. We also say in Czech that a piece of clothing "sits". I would've translated this with "sopiiko se".


So glad to find these comments. I was about to start sobbing trying to figure out the difference between istua "to sit" and istua "to fit."

WAIT! WAIT! Is this another strange Finnish case?! (nyyh!)

No, just a cultural detail, thank fortune...


Me too - I haven't heard this one before


It's the same in German (sitzen). But it has a slightly different meaning in German. Its less, whether the piece of clothing fits in general ( i.e. can be worn ) and much more whether the current fit is correct, e.g. whether I have put it on right. How is it in finnish?


Actually, the same goes for Russian. We also say "sit" ("сидеть") about fitting the clothing.

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