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"Maybe the ponies are still growing."

Translation:Ehkä ponit kasvavat vielä.

June 29, 2020



"Ehkä ponit vielä kasvavat" should be accepted too - the word order isn't that strict at all in Finnish


Agreed. In other examples they placed both vielä and jo before the verb.


Unfortunately, sometimes the position of the adverb affects the translation.

  • Ehkä ponit kasvavat vielä. Perhaps the ponies are still growing/will still grow.
  • Ehkä ponit vielä kasvavat. Perhaps the ponies will still grow.

I'll make a note of adding a skill about this in the second version of the tree. We will introduce the "future tense" in the next version. I've used quotation marks, because Finnish does not have the future tense. But since English has it, we'll need to go through certain correlations in sentence structures to be able to talk about future activities. :)


While you're probably right about the subtle difference between those two word orders, I'm not sure whether even all natives speakers can spot it – surely I didn't.


The distinction is more important from the point of view of an English speaker than a Finnish speaker, so Finns are often blind to it and use it instinctively the way it should be used. :)

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